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Company to be selected quarterly outstanding employees


In recognition of the outstanding contributions of the company for the outstanding collective and outstanding staff, and encourage all employees to forge ahead and accelerate the company's corporate culture, in the company-wide excellent staff, outstanding new staff, excellent team leader of the appraisal activities, As follows: First, the scope of selection 1, outstanding employees: the company in addition to high-level leadership, the company entered the company for more than three months all employees, managers; 2, outstanding new employees: into the company internship after the completion of the work of less than a year of staff. 3, excellent team leader: the workshop section of a long, team leader. Second, the selection criteria: 1, full attendance (no late, leave early, absenteeism, leave no more than 1 day total) 2, grass-roots average score of 90 points or more 3, the work area of good health 4, no "three violations" 1, within the quarter of the workshop did not complete the production tasks 2, the quarter of the workshop work-related injuries 3, the quarter the quality of the shop accident 4, quarterly leave more than 1 day 5, do not obey the work of the four selection ratio: excellent new employees 5% Excellent staff 5% Excellent team leader Three of the top five of the whole factory Five, incentives For the selection of outstanding employees, outstanding new employees, the company will be bonuses, material and other forms of recognition or reward, specifically by the Human Resources Department decision . Such as 3 consecutive times was rated as excellent staff, excellent team leader in addition to awards in accordance with the above, the workshop will be recommended to participate in the annual evaluation activities. Sixth, the selection activities by the Ministry of human resources is responsible for the preparation, the administrative department to assist. 7, the selection of the right to interpretation of human resources.
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