Company Profile
Yao Hui Group was established in March 2002, there are currently more than 1,600 employees, covers an area of more than 40 million square meters. Since its inception, has always been committed to high-borosilicate glass products and other special glass products research and development, the company is China's high-borosilicate glass production of leading enterprises, is the application of new technology practitioners, the world's best special glass One of the manufacturers is the development and manufacture of safe and healthy glass, and is currently the largest manufacturer of high borosilicate glass in China. In China's top several brands of solar water heaters, more than 60% of the vacuum tube is the use of Yao Hui glass tube production. Company's main products for the heat-resistant glassware and crisper, solar thermal power for special glass tube, solar water heaters with high-borosilicate glass tube, the other high-borosilicate glass tube, the mechanism of electric light source of glass and supporting materials. One of the special solar photovoltaic power generation is the use of special glass production process of production products, is currently the world's only use of the technology to produce large-caliber special glass tube of the company, product quality is superior to traditional technology products, the product has Sold to Germany and Israel. In 2007 the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, with import and export right.
Lehe is the glass brand of YaoHui company. LeHe is a kind of heat-resistant glass container which successfully absorbs the international advanced technology and integrates its own technical advantages. The product quality is stable and reliable, high strength, Safe, convenient, environmental protection, simple yet stylish shape, is a modern healthy life must choose supplies. Lok and home heat-resistant glass and heat-resistant glass crisper are adopted by the US FDA, Germany LFGB, France DGCCF and the European Union 84 / 500EEC, 2005/31 / EC safety and quality testing. Le Hejia heat-resistant glassware and heat-resistant glass crisper will protect your healthy life.
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