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Yaohui Group organizes special training to improve supervisor ability

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Recently, Yaohui Group organized and carried out a special training for the improvement of supervisors. A total of more than 80 company supervisors and reserve cadres participated in this training.

This course training comes from the special lecturer Lin Zheng of Bestruit to carry out the lecture. Training and sharing were conducted in terms of how to face opportunities and challenges, improve overall quality, and strengthen team management. Full practice and interaction were adopted throughout the whole process, through live scene deduction, video and image data learning, specific case analysis, etc. Trainees have a vivid understanding of the core skills of managers. Everyone exchanged and discussed in groups, and the classroom atmosphere was relaxed and lively.

Through the two-day training and learning, the trainees gained a lot of knowledge and the growth and transformation of thinking through mutual lectures, mutual learning, thinking and exploration. I hope they can grow into "three-specialized" management personnel with professional knowledge, professional ability and professional quality, so as to create an aggressive, resilient and responsible management elite team!

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