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Fortunately, Yao home into the home


May 8, the company and the Agricultural Bank of China, held the Agricultural Bank of China Shandong Branch of the electronic bank "into the Yao Hui Group, lucky hit the golden eggs" special marketing activities, all the staff gathered together, Happy harvest. Activities in the afternoon at two o'clock, the majority of workers in the workshop, early to the lobby of the office waiting in line, in fact, we all know that we are not nervous they will not get the prize, but cherish this together together. Agricultural Bank of China and the company leaders at all levels also participated in the event, and in the final part for the staff lottery. Wang Long, the company's sales department won the first prize, colleagues joke, his prizes hidden, to return the guests will be. Activities and awards is only a form, for our employees, we sincerely hope that our lives are always full of beautiful surprises, become more beautiful.
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