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Safety Production Proposal


The company all employees: We work hard every day, living, we love our jobs, love our plant, love our workshop equipment, we like to love our children love the workshop equipment, we have harmony warm Family, happy, we have friends and family, but, dear comrades, do you ever think, if someday "production safety accidents" happen to us, whether physical or equipment, our cause will Destroyed in the once, happy family gone, our hearts will bleed, our family will cry, and always shrouded in scattered haze. "Safety management system" is the guardian of each employee, who violated the equivalent of moths to flame, illegal lead to such serious consequences, we can not say that we do not know. There is a key problem long-term plaguing us, that is, we always believe in their own so-called experience, forgive their own negligence, and even indulge their non-compliance behavior, and ultimately, a stumbling hate. Security This double-edged sword, you follow its rules, it will protect you, you violate its rules, you will pay the price of blood. Safety is the cornerstone of our work, it is our life security. In many cases, many aphorisms we often can be familiar with, can also be silent, such as "safety in production prevention, safety first people-oriented", "happily go to work, home safe" and so on, but we need and Is not entirely these, the most important thing is to put the careful thought into rigorous behavior, I would like to think, cautious in line, is that we do a better job security needs. As Sheng and the company's employees, ordinary jobs, ordinary Fanfan work, ordinary but not mediocre, it is with numerous ordinary posts of ordinary employees, our work is the slightest, only the safety record Repeatedly refreshed. Establish the concept of zero violation, to create non-illegal enterprises. Comrades, life is precious and beautiful, let us cherish life, away from the accident, the safety of this topic deeply imprinted in the minds of each employee, a solid implementation of our work, so that life is more brilliant blooming Of the color.
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