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where did all the time go


In front of the old tree sprouts, the hospital blossom and blossom, half the number of surviving, possession into the white-haired head ... ... time to go, not a good feeling young on the old ... ... ' The first "time to where the" heart of extreme emotion, had the most precious time quietly passing but can not know, and now gradually realized that the time is how valuable, how not enough ... ... With the time gear The rotation, we use their own wisdom to make things around more perfect and beautiful.Since the construction of the functions of the department gradually refined, the organizational structure has become more clear.In the functional refinement and sector integration process In the order management center was established in March, the function of this sector is the product of transmission equipment, the customer's needs through the coordination of production, packaging, logistics and other processes to customers in the hands of each of these aspects of the work is important, But the work of the packaging staff is the most difficult since the suppression of the gradual increase in sales of products, packaging has gradually increased.Whether with the single staff, packaging staff, line management of overtime and delivery personnel, they are busy figure to the present But also often in front of the flash. Time to go where the busy always feel that time is too little, there is a lot of orders for information not dealt with, there are a lot of products without packaging.A blink of an eye from the cold winter to the hot summer, This part of the packaging staff work is the most difficult, eight hours in the hands of products in the hands of the transfer without interruption, sweat and enthusiasm intertwined, the packaging is also unfamiliar to the current skilled, packaging work in tension in the orderly We believe that the future development of the company will be more and more orders will be more and more We need to work harder to adapt to a limited time to maximize the efficiency of both in life or at work, our ability Is unlimited, but our time is limited, do not wait until the end of the time to go lament the time to go, why not grasp, in our work of these eight hours, give full play to our ability to improve work efficiency , Let us in this time on the page branded full busy footprint.
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