Company Profile
Lehe is the best manufacturer of high-borosilicate heat-resistant glassware in China.
Lehe home focus on the manufacture and supply of high-borosilicate heat-resistant glassware, through advanced production technology, strict quality inspection and efficient cost control for industrial users and home consumers with high-quality, cost-effective high-borosilicate Hot glassware, including: crisper, baking pan, crystal pot, abalone dish, microwave turntable and so on.
The products are certified by FDA, LFGB, DFCCF, EU 84 / 500EEC, 2005/31 / EC and safety and quality. The products are widely used in many fields such as USA, Testing, is the consumer's choice of confidence.
Lehe family of professional product development capabilities, learn from the international advanced technology experience, integration of their own technological advantages, according to customer demand for customized products to meet customer demand for personalized.
We are a long-term partner of many well-known manufacturers, such as Corning, Locke, IKEA, NEOFLAM, KOMAX and so on, which are the domestic Midea, Supor, Erie and many other well-known brands. Music and home products with excellent quality and perfect service, is gaining more and more partners of all ages.
The future, music and home will be committed to high-borosilicate heat-resistant glass utensils constantly updated and developed to meet the health of household consumers, green, quality of life expectations.

Brand Concept
Enjoy the fresh, and the US life - music and home
Since its entry into the glass manufacturing industry in the 1980s, Mr. Xu Yuhe, founder of LeHeHe, has been focusing on the research, application and improvement of glass manufacturing processes for over 30 years, and the team under his management is also dedicated to the manufacturing industry. The core of the technical areas, to the spirit of self-cultivation artisans, grinding quality. Music home and look forward to this "happy in which" the focus and enthusiasm to pass to the user, through the music and home products for the user to bring a pleasant life experience.
A variety of materials in the furnace at high temperatures melt fusion, into a clear, transparent glass, she looks hard, but it gives people a gentle and gentle texture, Yunyong contain the world and the light of life wisdom. In the benefit of all parties in the business ecosystem, the music and home to their products as a link point, through quality products and improve service to suppliers, customers, consumers together, the share of glass products better and Harmonious transfer parties.
High borosilicate glassware health, green, its home products on the application, for the consumer's life to bring a better, richer daily experience. Music and home hope to health, green borosilicate heat-resistant glassware to the global hundreds of millions of quality home, so that consumers in the music and home products to accompany, enjoy the fresh, and the US life.

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